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Introducing Pebble

Stay up-to-date on topics that matter the most to you, share your expertise and tackle the impossible together with Pebble.

"Your Meeting Room and Water Cooler, Together"

  • Personalized for you

    Pebble defaults to “Your Network” view to help focus on topics most pertinent to you.

  • Mighty Messaging

    Improved messaging includes 1000 characters max limit, ability to post your message in multiple groups and a separate inbox for your private messages.

  • Shoutouts

    With @ in your message, congratulate a colleague for going the extra mile or tackling issues head-on with zest.

  • #hashtags

    Hashtags are shortcuts that simply your life. Create a message with #ITHELP to get the fastest resolution from IT or reply to a Pebble email notification with #like to like that post.

  • Keyword Alerts

    Pebble will notify you when the keywords you are looking for get mentioned in any message in any public group. Setup your alerts under settings in profile.

  • Share like a pro

    Use the share link to repost a message along with your added comments. Start side conversations or private huddle by sharing to a specific group.

Mobile on the go

All of the above mentioned Pebble experiences are beautifully packaged for your mobile device. Instructions for app download will be available after signup completion.

"Store Visits, Team Outings or Celebrity Sightings - Snap a pic and share the hip instantly."